4xLabs is a FinTech company that provides foreign currency exchange solutions through Web tools and mobile apps. The company also provides APIs and software platforms for money changers.


“CashDab is the world’s online marketplace lender”

CashDab allows anyone to anonymously access a decentralised global marketplace lender network and match themselves with borrowers or lenders willing to fund their desired rate of return. CashDab will bypass and disrupt existing cumbersome and costly middlemen entities, and allow cryptographically secure access to competitive loans anywhere and anytime, while adhering to the highest security standards in the blockchain ecosystem.

CashDab is the blueprint for a true decentralised online marketplace lender. It is literally like having a bank in your pocket. This was previously not possible until the advent of blockchain distributed ledgers, and effectively means borderless global financing without the possibility of network downtime, censorship or third party interference.

CashDab intends to introduce a token known as “CDC”, which a borrower will use as security collateral as well as finance related services such as cross border funds remittance. The token is securely stored in CashDab’s blockchain will be reduce remittance costs significantly compared to existing service providers.



SlideSG Pte Ltd is a company providing mobile remittance and money-changing services licensed under the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As the subsidiary company of iAPPS Pte Ltd, SlideSG provides its customers with a FinTech solution that disrupts the traditional remittance and money-changing service industry.

Reaching out to the unbanked foreign workers in Singapore, SlideSG provides them with FinTech services that bring convenience to their lives. Using the SLIDE mobile app that encompasses a digital wallet, SlideSG customers are able to execute remittance and money-changing transactions anytime and anywhere.

Chynge is money exchange service provider. The company provides a mobile-based platform for tranferring money/currencies across the country. It allows the users to exchange their currencies with another one depending on their needs and its volume. Currency can be selected based on the country whenever and wherever an user want it to do so. Currently, the website is under construction.

BeamAndGo offers remittance services by converting money into digital gift certificates that the recepient can use to buy goods.

ZhongGuo Remittance is a moneytransfer service from Singapore to China.The service is extended by offline outlets wherein the sender can visit, fill in the necessary forms, and transfer money to the beneficiary, either directly to his bank account or through a cash withdrawal option.

Wallex is an overseas payment and cash management solutions for businesses. It allows users to make cross-border payments at better rates and faster speeds. It also provide users with the ability to convert and hold balances in multiple currencies, so that they can properly plan, manage, and hedge their currency needs from a single platform.

Pay2Home is a money transfer company that offers an alternative to a bank telegraphic transfer via retail outlets, online, and a bespoke premier concierge service. It allows direct-to-bank and cash-out services for the sender and the beneficiary.

Nickel is a blockchain-powered mobile remittance app that enables migrant workers to send money to their family members. Using the mobile app, Nickel is working to build a system to help the region?s SMEs facilitate foreign exchange payments efficiently and at low FX rates. The company participated in DBS accelerator program in 2015.

CashChanger aims to be a one stop shop for all travelers’ foreign currency needs by providing rates data aggregation across physical money changers, advising if it’s a good time to buy foreign currency, and providing a rate conversion tool to decipher rates from rate boards.


Onepip provides an online money transfer service for consumers and businesses. Users can send money to Onepip’s bank which is further routed through bank partnerships.

TranSwap is a P2P currency exchange platform that matches FX needs of users with other users at the mid-market exchange rate. The money is transferred to TranSwap?s segregated account, and the currency exchanges of the users are matched accordingly.

Arttha is a Financial Inclusion platform delivering comprehensive digital banking, mobile wallet & insurance solutions for Financial Institutions in Emerging economies. Arttha has been leveraged by over 200 rural banks and Microfinance institutions to deliver mobile based banking, payments and remittance services to their customers.

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TEXCENT is a global game changer in the Financial Technology space. Texcent offers a complete ecosystem in payment, blockchain, and FinTech. We are dedicated to deliver fully integrated solutions in remittance business, payments, and microfinancing. Our vision lies in providing ease of payments and other financial services to the users and businesses alike. Texcent provides an unparalleled digital banking experience to Asia and the world.

Texcent has already acquired the Remittance license from Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

InstaReM provides cross-border money transfer services for Individuals and businesses, from Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore to more than 25 countries.

ExSmart is an app which helps users to send money overseas at very low costs. Users choose the date they want their recipients to get the money and save more by booking for future dates.

FinMates is a money transfer platform that allows users to track independent agents around, submit cash (or bank transfer), exchange currency on mobile, and send money to a FinMate user.

Cherrypay is an international money transfer platform to provide lower transaction fees and faster payment service for consumers. The company provides the following solutions: 1) Cross-Border E-commerce including shopping on Taobao (China), Yahoo (Japan), eBay (US), Amazon (US) or Gmarket (Korea); 2) Cross-Border Expense: Making instant transfer for living expenses, tuition fees, and bills overseas anytime and anywhere; and 3) Oversea Travel Expense: Choosing where to pick up cash when travellers arrive in one country (to be available soon).

CurrenSeek is a part of Intuitive Asset. It is a social app that locates various currency exchange agents. The platform shows different rates which are offered as well as the location and direction for exchange shops. CurrenSeek shows users the street rates, not the wholesale inter-bank rates that are not made available to ordinary travelers but more for major financial institutions. CurrenSeek supports local independent and family-run, money-changing businesses by giving them greater visibility to responsible travelers.

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