TenX make cryptocurrency spendable anywhere anytime.


Meet eXchange (MeX) – a solution for people to exchange currency freely in a peer-to-peer community. User can post orders and meet online to exchange currencies with people having opposite needs directly or through our platform.


Verrency was established to put the banks back at the centre of the innovation. Our curated payments API platform has been designed to enable banks to innovate more efficiently and effectively through a single connection. Our platform works with their existing payments infrastructure and messaging, allowing banks to:

• Utilise our platform as a payments sandbox to quickly test and scale new innovations
• Leverage our pre-existing services that sit across card / device management, loyalty redemption, real time data feeds, digital currency spend and round ups
• Utilise our marketplace services as an integration point for payment Fintechs, data analytics and loyalty partners to the bank


MatchMove enables companies to offer a fully branded secure mobile wallet solution, increasing revenue and user engagement. MatchMove proprietary Wallet OS™ is built with the vision of strengthening financial inclusion through enabling its Spend, Send, Lend™ capabilities across developed and developing markets. MatchMove Wallet OS™ enables any company to easily offer their customers a fully branded, secure mobile wallet solution that includes P2P transfer, Cross-Border Money Transfers, Top Up channels, Virtual Payment Cards, Loyalty Points & Rewards, Promotions & Offers amongst many other features. Wallet OS fully customizable platforms are cloud-based and PCI-DSS compliant.

MatchMove launched myWallet in 2016 and Boss Mobile Money in 2017. myWallet, a virtual wallet application, enabling consumers who do not own credit cards or online banking facilities to make payments with a pre-paid Mastercard. Boss Mobile Money is a cross-border money transfer application that allows anyone in Singapore to remit money back home through a smartphone in a Safe, Easy, Fast™ manner.

MatchMove is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Philippines and the USA. In 2017, MatchMove will soon open new offices in South Africa and Dubai to support its global growth.

MatchMove has consistently been recognized internationally for its outstanding innovation.

Mobile Credit Payment (MC Payment) is a technology platform that provides transaction solutions for online payment, mobile payment, in-store payment, digital payment, etc. Mobile Credit Payment partners with acquiring banks, payment service providers/ISOs to offer merchants a secure PCI-compliant, international payment processing platform enhanced with innovative technology. It provides customers with global transaction currencies and regional card settlement currencies, a high-end reporting interface, and a risk management solution.

Currencycloud connect is designed for customers who want to make payments. By accessing the currency payment engine via API, customers can automate end-to-end international payment processes and deliver sophisticated solutions which are tailor-made.

Slash is a checkout payment platform that allows merchants to integrate and access multiple payment options. Currently, the company is in stealth mode.


A Traditional Financial Institution Run On Decentralized Apps.

With The Support Of Global Fanatical Experts And Renowned Tech Veterans, OX Fina Aspires To Build A Comprehensive Financial Solution For All.

OX Fina Will Combine Features Of Modern Banking, IoT, Big Data And Blockchain-Based Technologies While Also Meeting Security.

The Third EYe Technology Implementation Into OX Fina, Will Serve As An Automation And Digitization Ecosystem, Allowing Us To Not Only Integrate Single Companies, But Entire Industries Enabling Access To Financial And Industrial Services In The Same App, At A Click’s Hand.

OX Fina Financial Services Will Be Fully Interconnected With International Systems To Respond To The Transaction Needs Of Our Customers Worldwide. If You Have Ever Contemplated The Inner Workings Of A F.I. Or You Are A Fan Of New Revolutionary Technologies, Take A Look At Our Prospectus Below!

Waitrr is a mobile app that enables customers to order their food before reaching the restaurant. The customer can browse through restaurant menus, order the food, and pay directly for it through their phone. The platform also enables merchants to automate orders and payments at their restaurant.


Cardup is an online platform that enables users to make big payments using their credit card in places where they couldn’t before, specifically for big ticket items such as paying rent, taxes, suppliers or payroll. Users access up to 60 days instant credit, remove the need for cheques and earn rewards, miles and cashback on all their big payments. CardUp was a part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) FinTech Hackcelerator, The FinLab Accelerator in 2016 and more recently selected for MasterCard Start Path 2017.

Inpendium is a payment management service provider for e-commerce merchants. The company offers multichannel connectivity to card acquirers as well as alternative payment options. It also provides different financial services such as risk management & fraud screening, real-time reporting and reconciliation of the failed payments.

Quantified (Quantified Assets) is a Singapore-based platform that provide technology solutions for alternative payments, compliance, risk management, data mining and cold storage.


SmartPesa is a specialist payments technology provider that aims to solve the last mile problem for financial institutions in emerging markets.

SmartPesa directly addresses the dual needs of financial inclusion and cash reduction whilst eliminating the need for costly/risky changes to banks’ proven systems. SmartPesa is deployed on-premises with full legal/regulatory compliances and industry leading security systems and fully integrates with any financial switch.

SmartPesa’s products spans card and cardless payments, agency banking, QR based wallets and cryptocurrencies.

We are a blockchain company focusing on shared economy.


SmoovPay is an online payment processor. It helps merchants to accept credit card payments securely, quickly and easily across desktop, laptop & mobile devices.

Red Dot Payment is a payment solutions provider in Asia Pacific for banks, acquirers and merchants. With their scalable solutions, they enable merchants and financial institutions to provide complete end-to-end payment options for customers worldwide

Arcadier is a Marketplace-as-a-Service platform for enterprises. Arcadier uses omnichannel technology that enables businesses to understand the needs of consumers. It enables consumers to search, purchase and share products from merchants who are enabled to accept all forms of online and offline payments.

Buy Me A Drink is a mobile wallet app that lets users order drinks and pay from the app as well as skip queues. The app allows storing payment card details for in-app payments.

FlexM Provides an e-wallet payment solution to the consumer and payroll cards to the corporate market in Singapore and across Asia.


GLO offers NFC-based M-Pos solutions, NFC-enabled mobile payments for e-commerce transctions, coupon and voucher solutions, and loyalty and pre-paid platforms.

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