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ADI Health has “people-centricity” at the core of whatever it does. We strive to bring patients and healthy individuals, at the center of medical/ clinical research. The main aim is to empower the people with the choice of sharing the data with whom, how much and for how long.

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Kuliza is a leading provider of digital transformation and operational intelligence solutions for financial enterprises. Since 2006, Kuliza has executed more than 120 digital transformation projects for global startups and industry-leading global enterprises.

Lend.In is Kuliza’s flagship lending product, a new-age lending system for banks and lending institutions to increase the overall efficiencies while decreasing the cost and go-to-market time for customers.

Kuliza’s other suite of transformation solutions also help financial enterprises design and build end to end Mutual Funds commerce platforms & Insurance commerce platforms


Manage Money Better with Brankas. A new, all-in-one app to manage every financial account in a single place.


Kina Bank is a diversified financial services provider in Papua New Guinea, offering customers end-to-end financial solutions, from savings accounts to small business loans, investments to mortgages, stockbroking and financial advice, investment management and fund administration.


AML Accelerate was founded in 2016 as a joint venture between Arctic Intelligence and Initialism to develop an automated AML/CFT Program Manual that enables regulated businesses to accelerate their AML compliance efforts at an affordable price regardless of their size, industry sector or geographic location.

The AML/CFT Program Manual covers over 30+ Industry Sectors, and is available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, with 20+ countries to be added during 2018.

Our team are recognised as thought-leaders in our field and have a proven track-records for driving industry collaboration across major AML regulatory reform, through industry consultation and are regularly asked to provide commentary in the media on the wave of regulatory reform in the anti-money laundering area.

We have developed our platform in consultation with AML supervisors in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and others and were invited to present at the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), FinTech/Reg Tech forum to 60+ AML supervisors on how RegTech can assist AML Supervisors in effectively regulating the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing laws.

We have established relationships with a number of commercial partners, practitioner partners and industry association partners and are seeking to expand these as we extend the list of country coverage, so if you would like to discuss partnering with us please click here.

If you would like to contact us, to discuss AML Accelerate further and find out how our business can help you achieve AML/CFT compliance please get in touch.

AML Accelerate is a founding member of Stone and Chalk and also a founding member of the Reg Tech Association in Australia.


BBLAB is an IT vendor based in Singapore where it is widely recognized as No.1 in Fintech Asia. Our team comprise of high caliber and diligent engineers from all over the world, we are the provider for a one-stop leading edge technology. We are able to develop a system which is fully bespoke at a price of your comfort level.

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Coinnup is a team of experienced developers, economists and fintech experts that has design an all-in-one platform to provide solutions to B2B, B2C, Common buyer, investors, and traders. Our user-centric ecosystem provides customized solutions comprising FIAT CENTRAL that bring merchants and buyers to just one point of sale terminal,

An EXCHANGE for traders and one WALLET approach for securing digital assets that will be synchronized across all devices.

Pay utility bills or recharge mobile, send and receive payments domestically or internationally, shop online or offline. Pay for your holiday’s trips, book hotels, and flights right from one app.

Coinnup is the only ICO launched using IN-HOUSE ICO LAUNCHPAD. Coinnup ICO launchpad is another core component that offers turnkey solutions for upcoming ICOs.


Gresham International are the market leaders in Cryptocurrency & Security Token Compliance and Legal Services. Since 2016 we have assisted entrepreneurs, companies, governments, and groups launch their currency or token offering to market. Calculated to date, we are proud to have assisted companies raise over $400 million during their raise periods.

Aside of currency providers, we support companies working within the cryptocurrency space, such as Mining Operations, Investment Funds, Exchanges, Crypto-media, Crypto-financial and Traditional Financial Groups. Our work involves developing strategies, creating documents, and managing projects to protect our clients through the lifetime of their operations by ensuring compliance balanced with meeting business requirements.

We adopt a consultative approach to help you understand the market, compliance issues, and practicality problems surrounding the cryptocurrency market. We can create the investment, legal, and practical documentation along with the strategy you need to become and stay compliant while meeting the objectives of your project.


Arctic Intelligence offers innovative, affordable and accessible, audit, risk and compliance software that enables organisation’s regardless of their size, industry sector or geographic location to manage risks more effectively.

We have developed solutions to assess the design and operational effectiveness of compliance programs which can be used by internal audit functions, external auditors and subject matter experts who consult to regulated entities in the following areas:

Arctic Intelligence is a founding resident of Stone and Chalk and is also a founding member of the Reg Tech Association in Australia.

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Moneytree is a fintech company based in Japan. It was founded in 2012 when the founders identified a need for consumers and small businesses to have seamless access to their financial data. That vision was transformed into Moneytree, a personal finance management app (PFM) launched in 2013, that went on to win Apple’s app of the year two years in a row.


A Traditional Financial Institution Run On Decentralized Apps.

With The Support Of Global Fanatical Experts And Renowned Tech Veterans, OX Fina Aspires To Build A Comprehensive Financial Solution For All.

OX Fina Will Combine Features Of Modern Banking, IoT, Big Data And Blockchain-Based Technologies While Also Meeting Security.

The Third EYe Technology Implementation Into OX Fina, Will Serve As An Automation And Digitization Ecosystem, Allowing Us To Not Only Integrate Single Companies, But Entire Industries Enabling Access To Financial And Industrial Services In The Same App, At A Click’s Hand.

OX Fina Financial Services Will Be Fully Interconnected With International Systems To Respond To The Transaction Needs Of Our Customers Worldwide. If You Have Ever Contemplated The Inner Workings Of A F.I. Or You Are A Fan Of New Revolutionary Technologies, Take A Look At Our Prospectus Below!

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ARYZE Digital Cash is a range of cryptographically secure, stablecoins linked to the value of an underlying national currency. ARYZE is digitizing actual cash, keeping underlying funds safe in the central banks that initially issued them. Unlike an IOU issued by a bank, ARYZE Digital Cash is fully backed, globally transferable and programmable. Using Distributed Ledger Technology, we will make sending real money as simple as sending an email

AND Global Pte. is a Singapore based fintech company that is well-positioned to expand across Asia with its AI powered digital products offering accessible finance to millions of under-served people.

The company’s proprietary platform provides instant credit scoring and unlocks access to unsecured personal loans and payment options instantly to customers on their mobile devices.

AND Systems, a subsidiary of AND Global, successfully launched LendMN, a mobile based personal loan product for Mongolia in 2016. Its ongoing success proves the effectiveness of digital lending that provides inclusive access to low-cost, no collateral loans.

Led by international investors, AND Global plans to fuel its growth by opening the floodgates to its services in a number of under-banked markets in South East Asia.

The founding team at AND Global is spearheaded by internationally experienced entrepreneurs, financiers from Mongolia and former AI project leaders with experience in the US and Japan. AND Global’s R&D is engineered by pioneers in information technology, telecoms and mathematics.


Quantifeed’s automated investment platform allows financial institutions to offer advisors and customers a digital wealth management experience under their own brand. Quantifeed’s software and financial models provide banks, brokers, wealth planners and insurance companies with a configurable solution to suit their wealth management objectives. Firms can reach hundreds of thousands of consumers quickly and economically. The platform hosts portfolios of stocks, funds and other asset classes across all major global markets. Investing solutions can be based on risk assessment, life goals and thematic ideas. Quantifeed offers a library of portfolios for asset allocation, thematic investments and other trading strategies.

The company was founded by former investment banking executives Alex Ypsilanti, CEO, and Ross Milward, CTO, in Hong Kong in 2013.


MyDompet is a mobile e-wallet app for people who don’t have bank accounts. It uses QR technology to make payments for school fees, in-store purchases, online tickets, etc.

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Ping An of China is devoted to becoming a world-leading personal financial services provider. With the concept of “leading finance with technology and facilitating life with finance”, Ping An promotes the common development of its core finance business and Internet finance business, creating the experience of “Expertise Makes Life Easier”, achieving continuous profit growth and providing shareholders long-term stable returns.

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Carrott is a micro-savings app for retirement savings (superannuation). Let’s #StopLazyCash together! For more information, visit http://www.carrottslc.com/sg



Securing Fintech is our Forte with an offensive security methodology. Security forms the foundation of financial services industry. Aside from convenience, keeping customer information secure is biggest responsibility of FinTech companies. It takes complex and systematic approach that addresses all the elements of cyber security, which helps you to be better equipped and educated to battle the full spectrum of future attacks. Fintech Security simplified.


DemystData provides a comprehensive profile and refined customer predictions to help financial institutions optimize customer interactions. The company provides a cloud-based platform that enables fast integration, centralized access and structuring of any data, all through a single interface. DemystData’s software services allow clients to solve some of their most critical issues related to extending credit to the right borrowers, combatting fraud, and meeting complex regulatory compliance requirements.

Moxtra helps banks better engage with their customers by providing Omni channel collaboration modules that embed into existing mobile and web banking apps.

This allows the bank to audit and analyze their conversation with the customer. Keeping the conversations simple and secure.

Allowing the customer to send and receive messages or share documents, reports, etc..
They can also annotate on top of the content that they  or add an e-signature on the document.

They can even make real time audio and video calls, with screen share allowing the customer

to be on boarded in an extremely simple manner.

All of the interactions are recorded and can be audited by the bank.

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