Sphere is Singapore-based point-of-sale service providers for restaurants. The company provides features such as waiter management, order management, table management, etc., other than the managing accounts.


Content.co is an end-to end marketing platform that enables brands to create and deploy quality content marketing programs with high return on investments. The platform enables the clients to discover new ideas, handle payments and review results. Content.co offers a wide range of solutions like creating contents, engaging target audience by distributing contents, developing content strategy for brands and customers and editorial management of content. It provides content marketing solutions for different businesses like healthcare, insurance, personal finance, food, auto, retail, travel, etc.

Services include of ICO launch advisory, blockchain development, escrow services, tokens trading buy/sell, tokenomics & tokens conversion, wallet security implementation, fintech & blockchain education and crypto farm rig mining.


We are a consultancy provides solutions to clients on big data and related issue, including
1. Data Quality/Governance
2. Predictive Analytics
3. Strategy & KPI Design


We exist to help entrepreneurs scale, and businesses of scale innovate. We support start-ups and fast growth ventures, to the digital transformation of entire industries by advising and sourcing the right talents.
We had helped many FinTech companies hire their first hire when they launched in Asia.

myRPOAsia (a division of Seven Horses Consulting Pte Ltd)

A recruitment firm with a new recruitment model focused on SME clients in the Hedge Fend, Asset Management and FinTech space.


Sky DS Pte Ltd, is founded & promoted by Manoj Thacker, SKY DS is a digital solutions platform, evolved since foundation as “DIACP-Digital Integrator of Application Computing Platforms” in 2011 with focus on objective communication that allows content to be delivered to target audience on a real-time basis with advanced manageability and features that can be customized to capture opportunities as well as strengthen the performance of existing digital assets and capabilities in any given scenarios.

SKY DS delivers services for communication, management and consultancy for digital business building – turnkey with add on value services pre and post-completion, which will not be limited to – engaging in initiation, planning of technology, ideation to execution, manage and maintenance on an ongoing basis.


A joint venture company of ST Engineering and Singapore Power group, SP Telecom combines the agility and flexibility of a growing company with the strength, reliability and integrity of our parents to help customers succeed. Offering high-value products and innovative services, SP Telecom plays an important role in helping enterprises achieve reliability and resiliency for their network.

We aim to improve the way people, places and things connect with each other by providing advanced network infrastructure, enabling technologies, and building smart ecosystems. We work with partners and customers to offer everyone a connected lifestyle in Singapore.

With our fibre network topology built alongside Singapore’s nation-wide power grid and connected through a large system of power substation assets, manhole and lead-in pipes into buildings, SP Telecom truly provides a differentiated design and diverse network solution for the discerning, best-in-class enterprises.


Bridge+ by CapitaLand provides flexible co-working environment, shared amenities and a community.


Creatella is a mobile-first C2C marketplace for currency exchanges with other peers in cash. Users can enter the currency they want to exchange in the app; the app will then notify the user of people nearby who can make the exchange with the opposite currencies.

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At Ingenia, we partner with our clients to provide cost effective, tailored solutions allowing businesses to access the foremost experts in regulatory compliance, investment, internal auditing and cyber security governance without the overheads of hiring in house.

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We are a Recruitment, Training and Consulting company specialising in Financial Services and Technology covering both traditional financial services and FinTech companies.

Our key strengths come from the fact that:

1) Our business partners are seasoned professionals and subject matter experts in their respective fields
2) Our extensive industry experience
3) Our exhaustive domain knowledge on the various aspects of Banking and Technology

Work together with clients to understand their key talent challenges and find them proficiency that align with their attitudinal and cultural corporate goals

Deliver impactful content towards a better integration across domains and functions to facilitate meeting of corporate objectives

Deliver impactful content towards a better integration across domains and functions to facilitate meeting of corporate objectives

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ADI Health has “people-centricity” at the core of whatever it does. We strive to bring patients and healthy individuals, at the center of medical/ clinical research. The main aim is to empower the people with the choice of sharing the data with whom, how much and for how long.


BSO is the award-winning Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider of choice for financial institutions and high-frequency trading firms that require superior infrastructure and connectivity to the world’s most dynamic marketplaces.


As a Virtual Currency intermediary, we are now operating a Virtual Currency exchange where participants of the exchange may use such a platform to exchange or trade Virtual Currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies widely recognized and accepted by the public or a section of the public.
– Through our exchange, the participants of the exchange can engage in dealing in Virtual Currency defined as buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies widely recognized and accepted by the public or a section of the public.
– Our exchange has its own KYC process that satisfies MT/TF standards as other competitors in this field do.
– We are(or would be) involved in advertising activities related to or using Virtual Currency on behalf of potential clients and while at the same time, we have(or would have) run a variety of promotional campaigns for our user acquisition.
– We can list and operate Virtual Currency directly(or indirectly) which is used in the game service, the game distribution, and the blockchain networks.


Transcarta develops and implements creative payment strategies, products, services and operations process improvement projects that will generate revenue and manage costs for consumer financial services companies & retailers.

We work with financial institutions, payments industry service providers, retailers and research companies site and remotely to help them grow their business and gain competitive advantage. We focus on enhancing strategy, back office support, merchant acquiring, infrastructure and service quality for credit cards, debit cards, and other payment products.

We also provide freelance writing services for media, corporates and non-profits. From commentary on trending topics and weekly articles on personal finance to detailed research on financial services and insights into water management, we cover a wide range of topics. Clients include Today, GTNews, Challenge and The Asian Banker.


Signure Technologies Private Limited is the registered company name of Explara.com.
Explara is an Event Platform – Only “Unified” platform in the world that makes organizing and attending events super-easy.
develops and sells software solutions and apps for online event management.

Explara develops and sells software solutions and apps for online event management. It also allows anyone to create an event, offers free/paid ticketing/registration, payment collection, event promotion, sales management, attendee management, event communication and event management needs.


We specialize in providing the finest hosting on virtual VDS or VPS dedicated servers at a low price. Making our offer exclusively of virtual servers allows us to invest as much as we can into improving the quality of our hosting services.

We set a specific goal – to focus on the providing of solely one product but to bring our business performance to perfection. We guarantee high-end solutions becoming possible at the expense of VDS/VPS being our only product.


Cardable helps its users get better deals from their credit/membership/loyalty cards by consolidating and displaying the promotions relevant to them.

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Our flagship service as the leading interest-based telemarketing lead generation company in Singapore, we delivered to end-users solutions coming from Fortune500 companies the products they want. Effectively giving our clients the measured ROI they wanted in reflection of their cost per lead model.

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