We solve manpower issue and improve customer satisfaction by providing front-of-house solutions, to help F&B businesses cut down their cost and manage their business better.

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At Ingenia, we partner with our clients to provide cost effective, tailored solutions allowing businesses to access the foremost experts in investment, regulatory compliance, internal auditing and cyber security governance without the overheads of hiring in house.


Additiv is a Swiss Fintech company that was established in 1998 and is a leading provider in the field of digitalization of banks, asset managers, and insurers. Its offering includes pre-packaged solutions (configurable SaaS Products) and applied innovation projects (tailor made).

The digital solutions are based on the leading platform Additiv Digital Finance Suite (DFS). With a strong presence in Europe and Asia, as well as an international network of partners, customers are served around the world. The company has a strong focus on Digital Wealth Management and is a market leader in B2B2C Robo Advisory solutions across retail, affluent and HNWI segments with many levels of sophistication and automation. More information can be found under http://www.additiv.com.sg/

Perx is an AI based customer engagement and loyalty platform that enables businesses of all sizes to acquire, engage and reward their customers, intelligently and contextually via real-time, predictive insights. Perx’s enterprise app offers easy and convenient ways to its users to earn rewards through points, chops, or stamps from different merchants across Singapore. It also enables users to discover and locate the best rewards around them ranging from everyday purchases, overseas adventures, or beauty therapy.

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Mooments provides digitised rewards solutions to corporates, banks and large-scale B2C players through a SaaS solution suite, ecosystem integrated into a consumer-and-merchant based redemption and payment solution.

Fintrove is a cloud API platform that enables FinTech builders and startups to build and launch various financial service applications. Fintrove’s platform can be used to build applications for different financial services like lending, investments, or advisory purposes.

WhatIf… is a web-based business and financial model simulator. It allows users to create and translate qualitative business models into interactive dashboards & financial statements and play out realistic scenarios.

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Our flagship service as the leading interest-based telemarketing lead generation company in Singapore, we delivered to end-users solutions coming from Fortune500 companies the products they want. Effectively giving our clients the measured ROI they wanted in reflection of their cost per lead model.


COSS stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution and represents a platform, which encompasses all
features of a digital economical system based on cryptocurrency. The COSS system consists of a
payment gateway/POS, an exchange, a merchant list, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an e-wallet,
various coin facilities and a mobile platform. The COSS platform unifies all transactional aspects that
are usually managed by means of FIAT money, and offers multiple cryptocurrency-related services in
one place. The list of potential features of the platform can be infinitely extended and will continue
growing as the platform evolves.

IsItUp provides a cloud-based fixed asset management solution. It provides an accounting package for fixed asset monitoring and accounting.

SoVou is a mobile platform that allows users to manage vouchers. It also offers real-time tracking services.

Cefy is a financial services company that enables access to credit within minutes. Cefy’s platform analyzes the transactional and alternate source of data like mobile usage etc to determine the creditworthiness of an applicant. It was part of Startupbootcamp accelerator program in 2016.

ConnectBusiness is an online platform for connecting startups with investors. Startups can register themselves on the platform and investors of the appropriate industry can approach the startups. Currently, the company’s website is inactive.

Principled Systems focuses on startup projects with the aim to make everyday financial transactions more efficient, ethical, and equitable.

Stay tuned to find out more on our projects at invethical.com and frexible.com.

Mezzofy helps small and medium businesses drive inbound sales. The company has developed the Digital Coupon platform for merchants to create, distribute, and redeem coupons.

Cardable helps its users get better deals from their credit/membership/loyalty cards by consolidating and displaying the promotions relevant to them.

Imonggo provides a POS software systems for retailers and SME. The company offer various features include tax management, receipt generation, offline functioning etc.


​ZoomMarkets.com provides Global Financial Markets Intelligence and Visualization tools. We cover over 15+ Global Exchanges covering US, Europe and Asian exchanges on global stocks, futures, options and currencies markets.

Our users can run over 40+ advanced analytical tools from advanced charting tools, motion visualisation charts, screeners, price/bubble maps, market returns, data grids, futures forward curves, spreads to statistical tools like volatilities comparison, histogram, returns, rankings, correlations, and seasonalities on 60+ million historical price records.

Our exclusive “StatsHub” compute millions of data compilation to determine global events and their impact on asset prices. We turn data into meaningful insights and cover financial market intelligence, visualisation tools, stocks, futures, commodities and currencies.

We are a Fast, Easy, Intelligent and Affordable solution to your market analysis need.

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