GlobalLinker, the flagship Networking and e-Commerce product of Digivation helps “Make the business growth of SMEs globally,
simpler, more profitable & enjoyable” .

Sphere is Singapore-based point-of-sale service providers for restaurants. The company provides features such as waiter management, order management, table management, etc., other than the managing accounts.

Co-Swap (Collateral Swap) is designed as a market trading platform meant for users to exchange collaterals via a swap transaction and for repurchase agreements (Repo). Primary users of this application will be treasury dealers with Banks. Secondary users will be the fund managers with asset management companies, insurers, pension funds, hedge funds, family offices etc. The main objective for using this application is for users to manage their pool of quality assets that financial institutions hold by changing its quantity based on a collateral hierarchy maintained by the users and for Repo, a means to obtain short term funding.


Additiv is a Swiss Fintech company that was established in 1998 and is a leading provider in the field of digitalization of banks, asset managers, and insurers. Its offering includes pre-packaged solutions (configurable SaaS Products) and applied innovation projects (tailor made).

The digital solutions are based on the leading platform Additiv Digital Finance Suite (DFS). With a strong presence in Europe and Asia, as well as an international network of partners, customers are served around the world. The company has a strong focus on Digital Wealth Management and is a market leader in B2B2C Robo Advisory solutions across retail, affluent and HNWI segments with many levels of sophistication and automation. More information can be found under http://www.additiv.com.sg/

AsiaCollect is a Pioneer in Integrated Credit Management Services in Emerging Asia, we help our clients maximize efficiency of consumer Non-Performing Loan management at all stages of delinquency through an integrated suite of sophisticated CMS Services: CMS outsourcing, CMS Advisory, Debt Purchasing and Software as a Service.

IsItUp provides a cloud-based fixed asset management solution. It provides an accounting package for fixed asset monitoring and accounting.

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Otonomos is a world’s first legally compliant Corporate Governance platform powered by Smart Contracts. Underlying the platform is a Decentralized Digital Identity solution and ‘Smart Contractified’ Company Constitutions engraved on the blockchain. This not only enables digital signing of documents via Private Keys but also optimizes, automates and strictly enforces legal processes. This results in a complete and reliable audit trail that needs no formal audit. Otonomos is pioneering the version 2.0 of a traditional Company.

ConnectBusiness is an online platform for connecting startups with investors. Startups can register themselves on the platform and investors of the appropriate industry can approach the startups. Currently, the company’s website is inactive.

Fintrove is a cloud API platform that enables FinTech builders and startups to build and launch various financial service applications. Fintrove’s platform can be used to build applications for different financial services like lending, investments, or advisory purposes.

SoVou is a mobile platform that allows users to manage vouchers. It also offers real-time tracking services.


i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint) established in the year 2000, is a leading provider in Securing Identity and Transactions in the Cyber World that enables individuals, organizations, and societies to build trust and identity assurance for powering productivity gain through digital identity and identity of things (IDoT).

i-Sprint’s unique brand of security products, intellectual properties, and patents are designed to exceed regulatory requirements such as global financial services. By incorporating the latest mobility/ biometrics/ cloud/ identification technologies, i-Sprint provides solutions that ensure secure access and protection of data, transaction and assets. i-Sprint delivers trusty, versatile and strong authentication, and identity management platform to secure multiple application delivery environments based on a common security platform.

i-Sprint’s digital identity product offerings include adaptive authentication (biometrics, multifactor authentication and more), single sign-on services, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) authentication and data protection for transaction data and to secure access to the web, mobile, and cloud-based applications. i-Sprint’s IDoT product offerings provide the next-gen anti-counterfeiting, track and trace, and interactive consumer engagement that aims to help business in building consumer trust, improve brand protection, personalize consumer engagement and provide business intelligence.

i-Sprint’s clients include leading global and regional financial service institutions, government agencies, telecommunications, public utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, education, multi-national corporations and others. Currently, i-Sprint has a direct presence and active authorized partners across Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and the United States.


Rublix is building a networking platform where participants can access trusted trading information from verified experts. Our goal is to
help traders enhance their skills, confidence and profitability in any industry that they trade in.

Creatella is a mobile-first C2C marketplace for currency exchanges with other peers in cash. Users can enter the currency they want to exchange in the app; the app will then notify the user of people nearby who can make the exchange with the opposite currencies.

Services include of ICO launch advisory, blockchain development, escrow services, tokens trading buy/sell, tokenomics & tokens conversion, wallet security implementation, fintech & blockchain education and crypto farm rig mining.

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The company provide options trading alert services to retail options traders via an mobile app.

The trade generation uses automated pre-programmed trading instructions accounting for variables such as time, price, volatility and option greeks.

The company also provides a platform for astute investors to design and back-test their options trading algorithms.

Cefy is a financial services company that enables access to credit within minutes. Cefy’s platform analyzes the transactional and alternate source of data like mobile usage etc to determine the creditworthiness of an applicant. It was part of Startupbootcamp accelerator program in 2016.

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MahWengKwai & Associates’ has set up its own technology research and development arm based in Singapore, under MWKA Technologies Pte Ltd, a member of ACCESS (the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association) and Singapore Fintech Association.

The research and development team, specialising in mobile strategy, digital transformation and the crossroads of fintech + law is led by our Lum Ying Mei (view Linkedin Profile), who also offers advisory and project management services to our clients who wish to explore these technologies to maintain or increase their competitive advantage.

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Mooments provides digitised rewards solutions to corporates, banks and large-scale B2C players through a SaaS solution suite, ecosystem integrated into a consumer-and-merchant based redemption and payment solution.

Imonggo provides a POS software systems for retailers and SME. The company offer various features include tax management, receipt generation, offline functioning etc.

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Founded while Vietnam was experiencing tremendous growth in both social and economic arena, when Singapore has become the largest foreign investor in the country, REGULUS aims to be a constant companion to the investors in both nations on the road to prosperity.

We are the trusted partner and advisor to many influential businesses and institutions in both Vietnam and Singapore.

People at REGULUS bound by a shared set of strong values and a culture of trust, respect, caring, support and interdependence.

We have assembled an experienced team of industry leaders who live the market place, understand the customers, and what it takes to operate a successful investment & consultancy company.

We believe Values are fundamental to leading and these are ours..

Create Growth
Think Sustainable
Respect for People
Take Responsibility
Deliver Lasting Customer Value

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