ApexPeak is an emerging markets-focused working capital provider. ApexPeak deals directly with businesses as well as those transacting on electronic invoicing networks. The simple and innovative approach of ApexPeak helps ease the cash flow problems faced by most business owners today by offering them early payments on their invoices. ApexPeak has financed transactions in over 25 emerging market countries and has built a reputation for speed and efficiency in its approach to financing businesses.

Finaxar enables businesses to manage their cash flow intelligently. It does this by providing innovative trade finance solutions. It uses state-of-the-art data science to provide clients with supply chain financing solutions. The company website does not have any product information as of August 2017.

Invox Singapore connects SMEs with investors for the exchange of receivables.

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Cash In Asia (CA) provides a common channel to bridge the gap between growing young businesses and investors in the region. As a lending-based crowdfunding platform for businesses, we share the belief that a community of enterprises will spark business opportunities. Building on this, we seek to bring together brilliant minds and resources, to reap attractive returns for both businesses and investors alike.

Budget Capital provides personal loans which include financial loans, payday loans, and cash loans.

IXSC is an Invoice exchange, settlement, and clearing platform. It works as an industry moderator with SMEs, trade unions and financial institutions, to manage timeliness problems with business receivables.IXSC’s platform allows vendors to send invoices to their clients and have their clients validate them. Settlement is monitored through the platform, and purchasers are incentivized to make timely payment within contract terms.

Capler is an online invoice factoring platform. It enables businesses to sell users account receivables to get early access to cash. Capler helps their clients to access working capital by leveraging on efficient receivables

Creditseva provides an online consumer credit analytics & management tool. Users can decode their credit report and know what drives their credit score. Users can connect with the decision makers to negotiate closure of old loans, communicate with banks and credit bureaus to rectify errors in credit report and monitor their credit report with tools. Users also get customized loan and credit card offers based on their credit profile.

Turnkey Lender is an online lending software with credit application processing and loan management for payday lenders, microfinance, and online lending businesses. It helps lenders with a credit scoring systems. It is an all-in-one platform and uses automation to filter out unnecessary or risky propositions.

Capital Springboard is a P2P invoice trading marketplace that allows businesses to sell invoices at a disount rate to the investors. Capital Springfield helps businesses to secure a quick turnaround financing from accredited investors. The platform also enables investors to manage their risk allocation and investment portfolio with its auto-invest technology.

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Capital Match is an online peer-to-peer lending marketplace for SMEs based in Singapore and Southeast Asia. It provides SMEs with affordable working capital from professional investors.


“CashDab is the world’s online marketplace lender”

CashDab allows anyone to anonymously access a decentralised global marketplace lender network and match themselves with borrowers or lenders willing to fund their desired rate of return. CashDab will bypass and disrupt existing cumbersome and costly middlemen entities, and allow cryptographically secure access to competitive loans anywhere and anytime, while adhering to the highest security standards in the blockchain ecosystem.

CashDab is the blueprint for a true decentralised online marketplace lender. It is literally like having a bank in your pocket. This was previously not possible until the advent of blockchain distributed ledgers, and effectively means borderless global financing without the possibility of network downtime, censorship or third party interference.

CashDab intends to introduce a token known as “CDC”, which a borrower will use as security collateral as well as finance related services such as cross border funds remittance. The token is securely stored in CashDab’s blockchain will be reduce remittance costs significantly compared to existing service providers.


KyePot offers social financial services to people and also provides saving, lending, and borrowing facilities in money trusted digital communities. The mobile platform enables the under-banked customers to save and borrow money in trusted social groups at a reduced interest rate. KyePot’s platform uses the power of collective by bringing individuals together to achieve their financial goals while simultaneously benefiting the group and the community.

Skolafund is an education financing platform in Asia. It helps match-deserving underprivileged undergrads with funders to make higher education affordable and accessible to deserving students. Skolafund harnesses crowdfunding, scholarship programs, bursaries, and education loans in making education affordable for students across Asia.

Funding Societies is an online platform for SMEs to acquire loans to fuel their growth and for investors to crowdlend.

Minterest is a peer-to-peer lending platform that offers value proposition for both borrowers and investors. It provides tailor-made financing solutions to the borrowers as per their business requirements. It also provides advice to investors by identifying suitable Singapore companies for investment.


EMVertex Credit (SG) Pte Ltd is the right avenue which provides you with our dedicated money lending services here in Singapore. We provide financial aid to applicants who are strapped with financial difficulties and problems ranging from corporate to personal loans. We are committed in providing our valued clients with competent and top-quality financial services that they can trust.

Incomlend is an online multi-currency invoice exchange connecting businesses and private funders. It serves as a marketplace where suppliers can sell their invoices online directly to individuals or to companies willing to purchase them. As a result, the supplier obtains cash in exchange for a discount rate paid to the funders of the invoices.

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