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Entrexchange is an online auction platform for the trade receivables of small and medium enterprises. Through this platform, SMEs can auction their non-liquid assets such as trade receivables online.

Fincast provides financial institutions and wealth managers with its 2nd generation automated wealth management platform to serve their clients. The platform is based on adaptive technology and delivers recommendations on the basis of the latest research and current market conditions. It also enables clients to customize the services as per their needs. The automated applications can be easily integrated with the client’s existing administration, reporting, and CRM platforms resulting in reduced duplication across platforms and greater efficiency.

Sherpa Funds Technology (SFT) provides Optimal Risk Sizing (ORS) which links investors to portfolio managers. As usage of the product increases, the analytics identifies similar-minded investors and managers to link in risk-equivalent communities.

HedgeSPA provides a cloud-based platform that addresses many day-to-day investment analytics and support issues.

Shares Investment is a stock market news and information platform for Singapore and Malaysia. The portal provides stock market news, prices, listed company research, insights, and analysis for investors. It also provides key fundamental research to retail investors.

Smartkarma provides on-demand institutional investment research. It dis-intermediates traditional providers of institutional investment insight by bringing professional investors and insight providers together on a collaborative, interactive and device-agnostic platform.

AutoWealth is an automated investment platform. It allows consumers to invest in diversified portfolios with automated risk assessment, rebalancing, investments, etc.

SoHo FinTech is a part of Soho Capital LLC. The company has its product, Replicas which uses proprietary algorithms to select money managers and consolidates their holdings into one portfolio that an individual can buy. Based on requirements, algorithms will provide data that selects managers and replicates their top portfolios.

Smartfolios is an online advisory and investment platform that offers end-to-end digital solutions for financial institutions, online brokerages, banks, private wealth management, multi-family offices, and independent financial advisors. Smartfolio’s platform combines personalized advisory with customizable portfolios to deliver the wealth management experience.

StashAway is a platform that offers low-cost, intelligent, and personalized investment advice specific to user goals and financial situations. It uses advanced technology that maximizes intelligence through complex algorithms that consider a user?s personal goals, economic cycles, and market performance.

Bondevalue is a Singapore-based FinTech company that focuses on Asian bond markets. Unlike equities which have already been digitally disrupted, bonds have remained unchanged for decades, with private bank clients unable to access live prices. Bondevalue envisions to use its deep domain expertise to level the playing field for clients via the simplicity and convenience of an app.

FlagForex is a dedicated research & development company in the field of financial trading solutions. The company focuses on fundamental trading issues encountered by most retail forex traders today.

hiHedge is the flagship product offered by Kuchi. It is a robo-advisory platform targeted at retail investors for investing in hedge funds. hiHedge was a part of Startupbootcamp FinTech accelerator and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) FinTech Hackcelerator.

SQREEM uses data analytics and AI to identify and understand previously unrecognized consumer behavioral patterns, to enable governments and financial institutions to actively and passively detect financial crimes, fraud, and malfeasance through anomaly detection. Processes vast volumes of trade, logistics and capital markets data, to provide deep market and industry business analytics covering hundreds of thousands of metrics.


Blockchain protocol for digital insurance, enabling new digital insurance services for IoT and smart devices.

WatStock is an App based trading platform that uses AI technology to analyses, forecasts, and offers its findings about the stock market to the general public. It employs artificial intelligence and extreme learning machines to predict the stock market behavior for up to 10 days. Watstock has partnered with IBM Watson and uses their neural network to predict the market.

Mesitis offers an account aggegation and reporting platform, custom-built portfolios, and agency-only execution in equity and fixed income markets to HNIs, wealth managers and family offices.

ShareInvestor is an online investment platform that provides financial news services for shares and stocks. Users can have real-time stock quotes, stock charts, company fundamentals, financial results, and market-moving financial news from the portal.

MyPropp helps property investors understand their real estate portfolio better ? to track and monitor what they are actually making and what their portfolio is worth. MyPropp is user-friendly and gives investors the information they need to make informed decisions at their fingertips.

InvestingNote is a financial platform for users to collaborate and trade together with friends. It allows a user to make stock estimations and come out with new investing ideas. It is a crowd stock estimation platform for Singapore and US stock investors.

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