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FINESSE is a Singapore-based Fintech Company, focusing on B2B2C Digital Wealth Solutions for Financial Institutions to digitalize their platforms to power their businesses.

Our Product Solutions accommodate a variety of businesses and are tailored to segment-specific client groups.

Finesse Engine builds on existing core Banking system to introduce the Innovative Digital Investment Solutions in retail banking, private banking, family office and asset management firms.


Quantmaker Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore), abbreviated as “QM”, is a start-up company located in Singapore – The World’s Next Banking Hub. We aim to provide bespoke self-built hardware and software solutions to all major market players.

Star Traders: Trade Wars™ is social-business initiative set out for the specific purpose of financial inclusion in the fin-tech industry.

Citing from philosophies found in next generation banking academia such as “Bank 3.0”, studies have revealed that traditional banking and financial industry practices and facilities can no longer garner the once used-to, assumed trust of the younger generation, and neither does it appeal to their specific economic conditions, preferences, social demographics and user behaviours.

Quantmaker fills in this gap by providing gamification of traditional financial trading. In addition, other global branches of Quantmaker augments the company’s traditional financial business services.


dollarDEX is a wealth management service provider which provides financial products from banks, insurers and fund managers to its clients. The company provides online/offline support to traders and acts as a financial advisor for them.

Co-Own is a platform for property investment with fractional ownership. It helps to co-own profitable properties with full ownership benefits. The platform provides a range of global properties and claims to provide a minimum annualized gross return of 10%.

Co-Swap (Collateral Swap) is designed as a market trading platform meant for users to exchange collaterals via a swap transaction and for repurchase agreements (Repo). Primary users of this application will be treasury dealers with Banks. Secondary users will be the fund managers with asset management companies, insurers, pension funds, hedge funds, family offices etc. The main objective for using this application is for users to manage their pool of quality assets that financial institutions hold by changing its quantity based on a collateral hierarchy maintained by the users and for Repo, a means to obtain short term funding.

Source Central is a web-platform designed specifically for the $100+ Billion per annum institutional real assets industry. Source Central platform can be used to identify investment opportunities, organize underwriting content, and exchange information with Fund Managers.

Smartkarma provides on-demand institutional investment research. It dis-intermediates traditional providers of institutional investment insight by bringing professional investors and insight providers together on a collaborative, interactive and device-agnostic platform.

FX Signals is a social trading platform that provides forex and commodity signals for traders. It is a platform where traders can publish their recommendations. Users can get real-time signals and copy the same to their trading platform.

Finquest is a platform delivering personalised connections to its clients in the Asian mid-market M&A and direct investment space. With a database of 1.4 million organisations (Institutional Investors, M&A Advisors and Mid-sized Companies), machine learning, and a team of experts, Finquest makes targeted, curated, and actionable connections for its clients while maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

HedgeSPA provides a cloud-based platform that addresses many day-to-day investment analytics and support issues.


CONNECT is Singapore’s first digital advisory platform for Accredited Investors. Based on financial goals which you create, CONNECT will establish if investing in a diversified portfolio is the right strategy for you. If so, it will match you to a CONNECT portfolio tailored to your individual investment needs.

Investing with CONNECT provides you with the benefits of a personalised and diversified portfolio without the hassle and the high fees of traditional providers. We aim to help you visualise and achieve your financial goals and to allocate investments accordingly.


TradeTeq provides the network for trade finance funders, investment managers,originators, and corporates to connect and transact. TradeTeq delivers advanced credit analytics, reporting, investment and operational solutions. TradeTeq transforms trade finance assets into transparent and scalable exposures.

MyPropp helps property investors understand their real estate portfolio better ? to track and monitor what they are actually making and what their portfolio is worth. MyPropp is user-friendly and gives investors the information they need to make informed decisions at their fingertips.

SQREEM uses data analytics and AI to identify and understand previously unrecognized consumer behavioral patterns, to enable governments and financial institutions to actively and passively detect financial crimes, fraud, and malfeasance through anomaly detection. Processes vast volumes of trade, logistics and capital markets data, to provide deep market and industry business analytics covering hundreds of thousands of metrics.


BCoin is an all-encompassing cryptocurrency service platform for the new tokenized economy. As an exchange, BCoin comprises of OTC Services, Fiat-Crypto Gateway and Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

Aside from its core service, BCoin also seeks to provide a cohesive space for both new and seasoned individuals within Asia. BCoin is committed to bringing cryptocurrencies into mainstream adoption in the near future, by prioritising and spearheading blockchain educational initiatives.

Kristal, powered by O2O Technologies, is an AI-powered, web-based asset management platform. Traders can create investment strategies and share it on the platform. Investors can search for asset managers and view their strategies. The company uses algorithms to recommend investment strategies. The platform offers a consolidated view of all the portfolio investments, historical performance of various accounts, and future portfolio projection based on CAGR, Sharpe ratio, etc.


Jachin Capital is a local independent fund manager with an intuitively easy-to-use digital investing platform, iAdvisor®.

In June 2015 we successfully bought a portfolio of 14 SGX-listed REITS on iAdvisor®.

iAdvisor® currently boasts 28 portfolios of publicly-listed local and global securities that clients can invest in to manage and build their wealth.

The Capital Markets Services Licence issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in April 2017 builds on Jachin Capital’s track record as the company is now able to offer fund management services to all accredited investors. Jachin Capital offers investment management solutions on a discretionary and non- discretionary basis to accredited investors and private family offices based in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific.


ZPX uses a machine learning algorithm which provides a data analytics platform for private and secondary market investors based out of Singapore. The company matches buyers and sellers across the globe to investors across Asia and the Middle East.

Fundsupermart is the distribution arm of iFAST Financial Pte Ltd. The company provides security solutions on its transactional platform for Singapore Government Securities (SGS) bonds.

Traveangle is an algorithm-based trading platform which offers intraday scrips, predefined algos, and a platform to design self-algos for traders. It also offers branding and marketing consultancy services.

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