Vesl uses online and mobile applications to distribute bite-size trade credit insurance for traditional and online commerce. It acts as a platform which brings together borrowers, insurers, and financiers from around the world into a single specialized market place where the SMEs have access to bite-size insurance and financing from different providers. Vesl’s trade finance platform integrates credit insurance and financing for commerce.

Smallticket is a lifestyle insurance community with people who have similar life patterns. Users can buy suitable insurance plans, receive rewards from saving system right away, and enjoy the customized affiliate services as well. The community enables users to choose to use their rewards as group activity costs or donate it to charity.

Coverbrite enables life insurance customers to connect with agents and purchase the right policies for their coverage needs. Coverbrite makes it easy for customers to seek advice from multiple insurers through their messaging interface.

Drox provides a data and analytics platform through which users can track multiple online insurance sources to recommend the users/insurers with best policies.

Inzsure provides on-demand corporate insurance solutions. It provides a change in the provision of insurance services for corporations. Blockchain, Ethereum & smart contracts integrated to provide a step change in security, transparency & speed of delivery for insurance solutions. The company is planning to go live at soon.

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Kommerce leverages blockchain technology to facilitate trade flows in emerging- and frontier-markets. 


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Empowering insurance buyers with the self-confidence to self-serve.

The Jinjerjade insurance company ratings site is the first of these empowerment tools. It is designed to help consumers decide WHICH insurer to buy from.

Consumers can share their experiences on the site in the form of a rating and comments. Or they can use the site to decide which insurance company to buy insurance from.  By learning about other people’s experiences with an insurance company’s products and services, and by consulting the score for the insuranece company in a number of categories the consumer will be able to make an informed choice about which insurer to use.

ZUMATA is an AI-based travel technology company. It provides conversational interfaces for a wide range of industries, including travel, banking, insurance, and financial institution by using its cognitive capabilities to enable automated advisory and customer service to companies. The company also provides payment solutions to travel companies.

Bluzelle is a complete and fully integrated stack of blockchain applications, middleware and data services. Bluzelle offers real-time payments solutions for financial institutions, smart contracts for insurances, and KYC-shared ledger solutions. Bluzelle Quantum is a middleware that enables deployment and management of applications over the blockchain. It is designed to hide all the blockchain plumbing, making it easier for its customers to run their applications.

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GoalsMapper is a fintech / insurtech business with the vision to redefine financial planning. It’s the first of its kind in Singapore, and it’s main purpose is to change the negative perception of the mass public towards financial planning.

We help individuals see greater clarity about their finances, plan their finances and better respond to real-life scenarios. We empower financial consultants to approach their client’s financial planning needs with professionalism and value-adding advice. Financial Planning should provide an holistic approach and not just evolved around the recommendation of financial products and solutions.

Financial advice like buying a property within your means, managing your debts in a conservative approach and creating smart saving habits towards achieving their financial goals are lacking in the current financial advisory scene. This is because the process of putting together a holistic financial report and planning for different life scenarios would take up too much time of a financial consultant.

The objective of GoalsMapper is to create a customer facing software that would cut the planning time significantly. The software reads the financial information provided by the client and put them into charts to increase the visibility and clarity of the financial decisions that the client makes. The financial consultant is then able to use the charts to present different scenarios to help the client make smart financial decisions. This includes the recommendations of financial products and solution.

We believe that this is the first infant step towards creating a fee based financial advisory model in Singapore. With GoalsMapper, financial consultants can improve their professionalism using technology to aid them in providing world class financial advice; clients would change their perception towards the importance of financial planning. We envisioned that the lost trust in the financial advisory industry can be restored with the birth of GoalsMapper.

Insurance Finder is a part of SMS group. It offers its users the ability to compare insurance products. Users can compare life insurance, vehicle insurance, health insurance, financial plans, and shariah investment plans on this platform.

Singapore Life is a fully licensed direct life insurer. The company offers proven expertise in answering the life insurance needs of its customers, both in the high-net-worth and retail customer segments.

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Pole Star is an innovative technology company providing a maritime-centric Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) supporting a suite of ship tracking, safety, security, environmental, and financial compliance business applications.

Pole Star’s newly established start up and award winning PurpleTRAC service is a smart, single point RegTech PaaS for Financial Institutions, Banks, Commodity and Trading Companies, Marine Insurers, Ship Financiers, Trade Platform developers, Governments and Industry Bodies with regulatory exposures to the maritime ecosystem and maritime trade, providing services for vessel screening and monitoring as well as audit trail reporting.  PurpleTRAC streamlines, automates and captures complex compliance procedures in to a simple cloud based UI and/ or API solution.

Pole Star’s PurpleTRAC service integrates best in breed and authoritative data sets which incorporates comprehensive Risk and Compliance and Vessel Registry information in to a single point comprehensive Risk and Compliance solution.

Synchestra is a cloud-based InsurTech tool that enables purchasing of life and health insurance with the advice of a qualified human consultant. It allows consumers to consolidate finances, effectively syncing any changes with a chosen financial consultant.

Mipi is a messenger-based chatbot that provides insurance-related information like policy claims, policy value, service information, forms, etc., to the customers.


Incorporated in Singapore, InsureVite is a cross-insurer process aggregation and automation platform that shapes the future of the insurance industry. Using blockchain technology, InsureVite aims to transform the current insurance industry by injecting speed, convenience and efficiency. InsureVite also aims to help insurers save operating costs and reducing waste through complementing their IT system and automating administrative processes. Agents, brokers and intermediaries also benefits from the huge reduction in administrative workload, thereby freeing more time for more sales and maintaining a healthy customer relationship, keeping them loyal.

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1-Net is a carrier-neutral data center service provider, we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services including network connectivity, managed services, work area recovery suite, cloud and media delivery services. 1-Net North Data Center is the First Tier III Constructed Facility certified by Uptime Institute in Southeast Asia. It is a purposed-built facility to support mission critical data applications, tailored to meet high security requirement of the financial institutions and payment service providers. The data center has adopted MAS’s Technology Risk Management guidelines on TVRA and attained Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliance. 1-Net has also adopted the OSPAR as established by The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) to elevate the trust to its financial customers as a data center service provider.

IOLO offers a smart insurance wallet to manage insurance policies across providers and also facilitate claim management services.


eBaoTech is a technology partner of the global insurance industry in enabling connected insurance.

eBaoTech’s mission is “make insurance easy”.  Since its founding in year 2000, eBaoTech has grown fast and today has business in more than 30 countries globally, serving more than a hundred carriers and numerous agents, brokers, and other ecosystem players.  Digital insurance is the coming wave.  In eBaoTech view, digital insurance means connected insurance.  To enable connected insurance, eBaoTech offers two groups of solutions: eBao Cloud and eBao Software.

eBao Cloud is an Open API platform to provide real connectivity and enablement for insurers, traditional channels, affinity partners, and FinTech startups.

eBao Software mainly include core system suites for life, general, and health insurers as well re-insurers. For more information, please visit

JLT Interactive provides on-demand insurance and risk management software solutions. Its products include iRisk, iClaims, iCover, etc. It is a subsidiary of the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group (JLT Group), a risk management advisor, insurance, and reinsurance broker.

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