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1-Net is a carrier-neutral data center service provider, we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services including network connectivity, managed services, work area recovery suite, cloud and media delivery services. 1-Net North Data Center is the First Tier III Constructed Facility certified by Uptime Institute in Southeast Asia. It is a purposed-built facility to support mission critical data applications, tailored to meet high security requirement of the financial institutions and payment service providers. The data center has adopted MAS’s Technology Risk Management guidelines on TVRA and attained Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliance. 1-Net has also adopted the OSPAR as established by The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) to elevate the trust to its financial customers as a data center service provider.

Synchestra is a cloud-based InsurTech tool that enables purchasing of life and health insurance with the advice of a qualified human consultant. It allows consumers to consolidate finances, effectively syncing any changes with a chosen financial consultant.


eBaoTech is a technology partner of the global insurance industry in enabling connected insurance.

eBaoTech’s mission is “make insurance easy”.  Since its founding in year 2000, eBaoTech has grown fast and today has business in more than 30 countries globally, serving more than a hundred carriers and numerous agents, brokers, and other ecosystem players.  Digital insurance is the coming wave.  In eBaoTech view, digital insurance means connected insurance.  To enable connected insurance, eBaoTech offers two groups of solutions: eBao Cloud and eBao Software.

eBao Cloud is an Open API platform to provide real connectivity and enablement for insurers, traditional channels, affinity partners, and FinTech startups.

eBao Software mainly include core system suites for life, general, and health insurers as well re-insurers. For more information, please visit


The FinTech Consortium is a FinTech Incubator that aims to further the development, interaction and acceleration of the FinTech ecosystems.

Our venture acceleration platforms consists of InsurByte, RegPac and BlockOn.

Redox is a software for insurance brokerage companies, especially in a complex network, for calculating incentives. Through this platform, different variables of clients can be adjusted and the desired result will be provided. All the data is stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

IOLO offers a smart insurance wallet to manage insurance policies across providers and also facilitate claim management services.

Mobilecover is a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance of Singapore that provides online insurances for mobile and electronic gadgets. Users can protect their mobile device against loss, damage, and theft. Mobile devices are repaired or replaced, then delivered to the customer’s door or desk.

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GoalsMapper™️ is the first fintech / insurtech company in Singapore with the vision to redefine financial planning, through its real-time, scenario-based and customer-facing financial planning software.

GoalsMapper™️ leverage on smart technology to allow advisers to take in consumer’s financial information and present them in simple-to-understand and powerful charts. Because information, scenarios and recommendations are continuously computed in the background, consultants and consumers can focus their time on more effective discussions and better planning experience.

Furthermore, the high detailed and accuracy of the GoalsMapper™️ charts allows consultants to assist clients to plan out multiple financial goals and multiple life scenarios to ensure that they are prepared for their financial future and make smarter financial decisions.

GoalsMapper™️ is committed to the digitalization of the financial advisory industry. At the same time, we believe this is still a people-centric industry. By empowering the financial consultants with a powerful planning and client-facing solution, it increases their professionalism, value offering and credibility to the client.

Visit to know us more. has built AI powered omni-channel commerce platform that enables buy, sell and collect payments on social media platforms. Sellers generate actionable #hashtags and/or super-powered short links using jumper?s tech which converts their post into a direct point-of-sale. Buyers can show intent by commenting on the post with the #producthashtag and confirm via their AI channel (FBMessenger/SMS currently). For posts with super-powered short links, users click the link and purchase using their web-bot in < 1 minute; and if they've previously purchased using, their preferred AI channel will kick in (messenger/SMS).

InsurMatics leverages telematics and big data analytics to transform auto insurance in product offering, underwriting, claims, and customer servicing.Borrowers visit to find special offers on home loans, mortgage refinancing, equity loans and more. Currently, the company is in product development stage. The company is in stealth mode as of July 2017.

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Pole Star is an innovative technology company providing a maritime-centric Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) supporting a suite of ship tracking, safety, security, environmental, and financial compliance business applications.

Pole Star’s newly established start up and award winning PurpleTRAC service is a smart, single point RegTech PaaS for Financial Institutions, Banks, Commodity and Trading Companies, Marine Insurers, Ship Financiers, Trade Platform developers, Governments and Industry Bodies with regulatory exposures to the maritime ecosystem and maritime trade, providing services for vessel screening and monitoring as well as audit trail reporting.  PurpleTRAC streamlines, automates and captures complex compliance procedures in to a simple cloud based UI and/ or API solution.

Pole Star’s PurpleTRAC service integrates best in breed and authoritative data sets which incorporates comprehensive Risk and Compliance and Vessel Registry information in to a single point comprehensive Risk and Compliance solution.

DirectAsia is an online insurance marketplace. Through the portal, customers can also control costs by selecting only the features they need. The company offers insurance on cars, motorcycles, travel, etc., and facilitates online claims through its platform. The company has recently expanded its services to Thailand and Hong Kong.

Raxel Telematics offers a usage-based insurance product. It uses a scoring model which takes into account behavioral aspects of the driver and provides discounts, tips for improving the safety rating, and information about the style of driving.

NephTech is a device and analytics platform for kidney failure. The company has developed a low cost VA (vascular access) surveillance technology for dialysis centres to address shortcomings of current state-of-the-art to achieve their quality initiative outcomes and reduce occurrences of lost revenues through early predictive clinical indications.


Taiger is a global leader in AI, specialising in transforming completely unstructured information to valuable knowledge. Our cutting-edge technology solutions apply far beyond just Machine Learning, allowing us to contextualise information more accurately – without requiring a large amount of data to ‘learn’.

Meet iMatch, iConverse and iSearch. 


FitSense is a data analytics platform that works with insurance companies to reduce insurance premiums for anyone with a smartphone or wearable. FitSense enables health & life insurers to personalize products and services by using app and device data. FitSense was a winner at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) FinTech Hackcelerator and participated in the Startupbootcamp InsurTech London accelerator in 2016.

Smallticket is a lifestyle insurance community with people who have similar life patterns. Users can buy suitable insurance plans, receive rewards from saving system right away, and enjoy the customized affiliate services as well. The community enables users to choose to use their rewards as group activity costs or donate it to charity.

Insurance Finder is a part of SMS group. It offers its users the ability to compare insurance products. Users can compare life insurance, vehicle insurance, health insurance, financial plans, and shariah investment plans on this platform.

Claim Di is a mobile application used for facilitating communication and claims between drivers and their insurance companies. The drivers or car owners, upon an incident, can download Claim Di and shake the phone near the phone of another party who also uses Claim Di. The insurance companies of both sides will issue claim reports via the Claim Di application, and the drivers can then separate immediately without the need to wait for surveyors. The company has won many awards for many years for its services including ISO, TICTA, APCTA, ICT, SSW, etc.

mClinica provides a mobile-based healthcare platform to connect pharmaceutical companies directly to physicians and patients. The platform enables pharmaceutical companies, distributors & pharmacies to access data and analytics on the market as well as their customers in real time.

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