Switchless develops enterprise bitcoin software that meets the unique and complex requirements faced by financial institutions. The company’s enterprise software allows for partial or full integration into existing financial infrastructures, giving financial institutions maximum flexibility for the unique and complex requirements they face. Switchless was incubated by FireID.

Yconomus is a broker and a metaexchange for Bitcoin and Bitcoin securities. Users on Yconomus can lend their Bitcoin inventory for interest, borrow and short Bitcoin to profit from a price drop, and hedge & trade with minimal capital using Futures.

COINUT is an exchange platform for Bitcoin-based options where users can trade either cash-or-nothing binary options or European vanilla options.

FYB-SG provides an online bitcoin trading platform.


BCoin is an all-encompassing cryptocurrency service platform for the new tokenized economy. As an exchange, BCoin comprises of OTC Services, Fiat-Crypto Gateway and Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

Aside from its core service, BCoin also seeks to provide a cohesive space for both new and seasoned individuals within Asia. BCoin is committed to bringing cryptocurrencies into mainstream adoption in the near future, by prioritising and spearheading blockchain educational initiatives.

CryptoTrader is algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They allow traders to backtest and automate their strategies via a flexible built-in scripting language


Enjin Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency used to create virtual assets on the blockchain.


TenX make cryptocurrency spendable anywhere anytime.

Tembusu offers its TRUST technology for cryptocurrencies. It can be deployed for use in payment processing systems, low-cost remittance services, cross-border loyalty points systems, and banking and trade facilities for the unbanked.

DXMarkets offers a professional trading platform for digital currencies. It issues Digitally Exchanged (DX) financial instruments through the adoption of Blockchain-based technologies, with an underwriting process which brings investors and issuers together. The platform currently supports Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Darkcoins, and Jetcoin.

Coin Republic was acquired by Mexico-based meXBT in July 2015. It is a brokerage firm where people can buy and sell Bitcoins in exchange for cash. Apart from this, it also provides Bitcoin-related information to users.

Services include of ICO launch advisory, blockchain development, escrow services, tokens trading buy/sell, tokenomics & tokens conversion, wallet security implementation, fintech & blockchain education and crypto farm rig mining.


Global Escrow provides an encrypted, anonymous Bitcoin wallet.


Bringing the best trading experience to you by offering quant platform & AI robot advisor.

CoinHako is a Bitcoin wallet service for consumers to buy, sell and secure their Bitcoins.

D’Coin ICO Launching Soon

Brand new cryptocurrency based on cutting edge blockchain technology provides intuitive crypto trading algorithms and analysis reports at your fingertips through D’CryptTM.

The D’Coin ICO is brought to you by the founders of Global Pte. Ltd, – Mr. Dibyendu Pattnaik and Mr. Debasish Pattnaik – who ae also the founders of D&D Group and have been long established businessmen in the Southeast Asian region. They are also the founders of D’Fintech Global Pte. Ltd. a Singaporean registered company which has been in the South East Asian Region for the Last 16 Years.


A Traditional Financial Institution Run On Decentralized Apps.

With The Support Of Global Fanatical Experts And Renowned Tech Veterans, OX Fina Aspires To Build A Comprehensive Financial Solution For All.

OX Fina Will Combine Features Of Modern Banking, IoT, Big Data And Blockchain-Based Technologies While Also Meeting Security.

The Third EYe Technology Implementation Into OX Fina, Will Serve As An Automation And Digitization Ecosystem, Allowing Us To Not Only Integrate Single Companies, But Entire Industries Enabling Access To Financial And Industrial Services In The Same App, At A Click’s Hand.

OX Fina Financial Services Will Be Fully Interconnected With International Systems To Respond To The Transaction Needs Of Our Customers Worldwide. If You Have Ever Contemplated The Inner Workings Of A F.I. Or You Are A Fan Of New Revolutionary Technologies, Take A Look At Our Prospectus Below!

Coin Of Sale is a Bitcoin POS payment processing terminal manufacturer for retail merchants.

OneBit is a Bitcoin wallet app that lets you pay at any store through contactless mobile payment by giving you access to the Mastercard PayPass payment network. The company converts Bitcoin on the fly into any major local currency using BitPay and pays the merchant via their NFC payment terminals.

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