SFOX is a cryptocurrency prime dealer that provides professional traders and institutional investors higher returns when trading large volumes, through smart routing and a global integrated order book


Finxflo affords its users the ability to trade across any participating exchange.


MugglePay is a peer-to-peer payment solution to accept money global.

0smosis is a venture studio with the mission to make financial services better. We build FinTech ven


GCOX SG is a leading digital asset exchange that provides trading tools on digital tokens.


Tokocrypto Digital Exchange is the leading regulated and one of the largest digital exchanges in SEA


Coinhako provides the infrastructure to enable individuals, corporates and financial institutions to convert their local currency into and out of digital currency – simply, securely and swiftly.


Elliptic protects businesses against financial crime in crypto


DEXTF is an on-chain non-custodial asset management protocol on blockchain that empowers professionals and financial institutions to effortlessly create and manage digital-native funds.


TripleA is the future of payment: the freedom to choose however you want.

Crypto payment is fundamentally about choice.

It’s about the customers’ choice to pay however they want.

It’s about the merchants’ choice to receive however they want.

Our crypto payment gateway makes this choice accessible for everyone, so that everyone can benefit from the privacy, security, and simplicity of blockchain.


Sparrow is the leading options trading platform, providing the simplest way to control risk and monetize your digital assets. Our revolutionary platform empowers institutions and individuals to trade options that are settled by smart contract.

Headquartered in Singapore, Sparrow offers customizable options settled by smart contract in an intuitive and easy-to-use trading interface. We also provide professional traders trading APIs for maximum performance. Sparrow aims to serve the needs of all traders by providing a wide range of industry-leading trading tools.

Sparrow is backed by renowned organizations such as: Signum Capital, Hyperchain Capital, Kyber Network, LuneX Ventures, Arrington XRP Capital, Digital Currency Holdings, Du Capital, The Yozma Group, QCP Capital, 256 Ventures and Jubilee Capital who firmly believe in the project and have committed to use Sparrow as their preferred hedging partner.


OSL Singapore (OSL SG PTE. LTD.) is the Singapore entity for OSL, Asia’s leading digital asset platform. It provides access to large liquidity pools, systematic intelligent Request for Quote (iRFQ) trading, and lending and borrowing of digital assets.

The company also offers secure, audited and insured wallets to ensure safe keeping of digital assets with timely transaction settlements.

OSL Singapore is a member of BC Group (Stock Code: 863 HK), Asia’s leading public technology and digital asset company.


Genesis is a leading global digital currency trading and lending company


Bluehelix Cloud adopts the cloud computing architecture of the SaaS model, which can enable partners to develop own trading platform business without paying for expensive software development, procurement, operation, and maintenance management costs. Partners can focus on business development through the open blockchain token trading platform and the virtual brokerage’s architectural capabilities. This can empower our partners to launch their own user and brand blockchain token trading platforms to develop a virtual brokerage business. We help our partners avoid costly technology development, security management, and transactional liquidity in a fast-growing and competitive market- to focus more on user services and market operations to achieve rapid business development.


ABCC Exchange is a Digital Asset trading platform, aiming to provide a user-centric crypto trading experience.


Piston Vault technologies are designed to be deployed in several configurations, each one addressing the requirements of a different type of client and user base.
Electronic vaults can be deployed by crypto exchanges for self-managed cold storage, by custodians for long-term servicing of digital securities, or for delivery of crypto-wallet services to retail users.


At, we are on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency.

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