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Boomstarter is a FinTech company that is developing a new way to help startups grow. We have years of experience in crowdfunding in Eastern Europe and are now going global with blockchain technology. With blockchain, we will make crowdfunding accessible to startups from any country of the world with fast and convenient transactions.

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Morpheus Labs BPaaS simplifies and expedites your blockchain application development and gives you the flexibility to choose between available programming languages and blockchain runtimes that better suit your needs.

You get unparalleled benefits from an integrated collaborative development environment, workspace management, version control repository and many preconfigured tasks. Let our platform do the heavy lifting while you focus on value-adding work like application creation and experiment with the blockchain technologies at a fraction of the cost and time.

PayETH offers an Ethereum-based wallet solution for crypto-currency. It offers a wallet linked debit card and a merchant acceptance solution.

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Loyela is a loyalty and rewards platform that leverages blockchain and AI to provide an effective, efficient and smart solution for brands and retailers to increase their customer engagement and loyalty.


We are financial blockchain development company. we can help any size of the company to develop their company production, payment or financial into blockchain system.

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MahWengKwai & Associates’ has set up its own technology research and development arm based in Singapore, under MWKA Technologies Pte Ltd, a member of ACCESS (the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association) and Singapore Fintech Association.

The research and development team, specialising in mobile strategy, digital transformation and the crossroads of fintech + law is led by our Lum Ying Mei (view Linkedin Profile), who also offers advisory and project management services to our clients who wish to explore these technologies to maintain or increase their competitive advantage.


Enjin Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency used to create virtual assets on the blockchain.


The FinTech Consortium is a FinTech Incubator that aims to further the development, interaction and acceleration of the FinTech ecosystems.

Our venture acceleration platforms consists of InsurByte, RegPac and BlockOn.

Keychain provides a decentralized authentication platform that allows clients to solve concrete business problems related to authentication and access control. It enhances and integrates cleanly into existing systems and processes. Seamless integration, instead of replacement, is the key to achieving wide adoption of this powerful innovation.


Our mission is to reimagine the energy funding process to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy assets globally.

We provide a blockchain based asset financing, trading and management platform that digitizes the transaction workflow making green investments fast, liquid and economically viable for for all parties involved.

Digix tokenizes physical assets (mainly gold) and make them fungible on the Ethereum blockchain in order to increase the pool of liquidity in a decentralized marketplace. To do this, it uses Proof of Asset protocol and Digix Gold Tokens.


We are a Singapore based cyber security product company since 2012. Our flagship product, WebOrion, is developed internally and has helped many organizations across Asia Pacific and Australia to protect their websites against DDOS and data breaches. We are in the midst of starting new blockchain projects and glad to be part of the Fintech ecosystem


Oneconnect has one of the world’s best technology development team. For example, in the aspect of AI, the company has achieved 99.8% recognition accuracy in facial recognition and 99%+ in VPR accuracy. Further, OneConnect has achieved world-class level in the aspects of voiceprint, micro-expressions and semantic recognition. In the aspect of blockchain, OneConnect is the earliest company to develop and apply blockchain technology in China, exploring 12 application scenarios including finance, medical treatment, customs, trade, real estate and auto. Many of the above scenarios have seen real life blockchain application.
As of the end of 2017, OneConnect has served over 400 banks and over 2000 non-bank financial institutions. In 2017, OneConnect had won 21 industry awards and five authorized certifications. Earlier this year, we have completed round A financing with post-investment valuation of 7.5 billion dollars.


Research & Development for BlockChain Technologies. Platform for Smart, Consentable Data Exchange.


We are a Venture Capital Fund Management Company investing in promising fintechs or start-ups using blockchain technology.

Dragonfly FinTech is a blockchain technology as a platform service, specialising in areas of money settlement and clearance, banking governance and compliance, and enabling mobile payment solutions for a borderless world.

OTDocs is an application to use an ultra secure technology (custom blockchain) to identify, store and verify entities, documents and transactions.


With a combination of experts from Finance, Design, technology and international cooperation, RootAnt empowers global financial institutions to transform to a cross-platform, easy to use and user-friendly financial platform with applications & services that improve end user experience, solving the global pain point. RootAnt cooperates with clients and partners in more than 10 countries.

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We are a Fintech co that provide customized solution for corporate clients and retail market in the SEA region

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