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Bringing the best trading experience to you by offering quant platform & AI robot advisor.

Inncee is a data analytics platform which helps to simplify the data from e-commerce companies to derive insights from it.

Tuple Technologies is a data science platform which uses Big Data to connect automatically to different sources and solve any analytics problem in a plug-and-play manner. Offers CRM solutions for cross-selling.

Nugit is a subscription-based (SaaS) self-service, fully automated reporting solution.They provide automated aggregation and presentation of marketing data for online channels such as Search, Social and Display Media.


Digital expense management solution of small business in Asia


Incorporated in Singapore, InsureVite is a cross-insurer process aggregation and automation platform that shapes the future of the insurance industry. Using blockchain technology, InsureVite aims to transform the current insurance industry by injecting speed, convenience and efficiency. InsureVite also aims to help insurers save operating costs and reducing waste through complementing their IT system and automating administrative processes. Agents, brokers and intermediaries also benefits from the huge reduction in administrative workload, thereby freeing more time for more sales and maintaining a healthy customer relationship, keeping them loyal.

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Kommerce leverages blockchain technology to facilitate trade flows in emerging- and frontier-markets. 


DANATEQ uses data analytics and machine learning to deliver personalised banking sevices.

Latize focuses on business intelligence, data management, and Big Data. The Ulysses platform address a wide range of data management use cases.

Aureus Analytics is a predictive analytics and big data-based customer intelligence and experience platform for insurance companies and banks, that helps them retain customers and upsell/cross-sell to them.

Yeadz offers mobile advertising and analytics platform for user acquisition. The proprietary platform enables advertisers to develop engaging ads, which are optimized for targeted mobile programmatic media. Yeadz is a full-stack mobile app growth platform. It helps users with discovery and growth modeling through four dimensions. It provides the most effective mobile analytics and growth modeling platform by leveraging contextual data.

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Pole Star is an innovative technology company providing a maritime-centric Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) supporting a suite of ship tracking, safety, security, environmental, and financial compliance business applications.

Pole Star’s newly established start up and award winning PurpleTRAC service is a smart, single point RegTech PaaS for Financial Institutions, Banks, Commodity and Trading Companies, Marine Insurers, Ship Financiers, Trade Platform developers, Governments and Industry Bodies with regulatory exposures to the maritime ecosystem and maritime trade, providing services for vessel screening and monitoring as well as audit trail reporting.  PurpleTRAC streamlines, automates and captures complex compliance procedures in to a simple cloud based UI and/ or API solution.

Pole Star’s PurpleTRAC service integrates best in breed and authoritative data sets which incorporates comprehensive Risk and Compliance and Vessel Registry information in to a single point comprehensive Risk and Compliance solution.


eBaoTech is a technology partner of the global insurance industry in enabling connected insurance.

eBaoTech’s mission is “make insurance easy”.  Since its founding in year 2000, eBaoTech has grown fast and today has business in more than 30 countries globally, serving more than a hundred carriers and numerous agents, brokers, and other ecosystem players.  Digital insurance is the coming wave.  In eBaoTech view, digital insurance means connected insurance.  To enable connected insurance, eBaoTech offers two groups of solutions: eBao Cloud and eBao Software.

eBao Cloud is an Open API platform to provide real connectivity and enablement for insurers, traditional channels, affinity partners, and FinTech startups.

eBao Software mainly include core system suites for life, general, and health insurers as well re-insurers. For more information, please visit

Einsights is an analytics company which helps enterprises make decisions based on the insights it gets from data by the means of artificial intelligence and natural machine learning.

Crayon Data engages in the process of building a business & technology platform that democratizes the use of big data for the average business and the consumer. It offers Simpler Choices Engine to help consumers and businesses make better-informed and smarter decisions to go from providing more choice to fewer choices; and One Drop Analytics to boost B2B sales and marketing intelligence & demand generation by providing integrated insights on companies and markets.


ZPX uses a machine learning algorithm which provides a data analytics platform for private and secondary market investors based out of Singapore. The company matches buyers and sellers across the globe to investors across Asia and the Middle East.


Regit is a compliant, formless forever customer platform that simplifies how business and customers exchange information. One-click!

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