Interblocks is a provider of integrated, electronic payment processing solutions that empower banks & financial service providers across global markets to provide their customers with personalized financial service experiences by changing the way financial transactions are conducted today. It utilizes its key iSuite platform to drive a broad range of solutions in service delivery, payments, cards, virtual banking, and mobile commerce.


Quantmaker Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore), abbreviated as “QM”, is a start-up company located in Singapore – The World’s Next Banking Hub. We aim to provide bespoke self-built hardware and software solutions to all major market players.

Star Traders: Trade Wars™ is social-business initiative set out for the specific purpose of financial inclusion in the fin-tech industry.

Citing from philosophies found in next generation banking academia such as “Bank 3.0”, studies have revealed that traditional banking and financial industry practices and facilities can no longer garner the once used-to, assumed trust of the younger generation, and neither does it appeal to their specific economic conditions, preferences, social demographics and user behaviours.

Quantmaker fills in this gap by providing gamification of traditional financial trading. In addition, other global branches of Quantmaker augments the company’s traditional financial business services.

Morakot develops simple core banking systems for the Microfinance institutions, credit providers, and banks in emerging markets and enables them to provide financial services to the under banked population. Morakot’s platform can be easily configured and automated with a wide range of features like automated accounting, multi currency, and multi-branch support.


HitKey offers AI driven delivery of mobile internet services within any platform or mobile app.

Cheers Now is a global wallet platform for both developers and wallet owners. It enables developer to integrate their wallet into any app. It facilitats wallet owners to securely conduct transactions from within apps and connected devices.

Active AI provides a SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence to improve customer engagement solutions for banks, wealth institutions, and financial companies. It provides a conversation banking platform that uses advanced NLP and machine intelligence, enabling customers to have natural dialogues over messaging, voice or IOT devices. The chatbot can fetch balances, view transactions, and make payments. With the help of the automation platform, customers can easily communicate with their concerned companies without any hassle. In June 2017, the company was selected by Microsoft Accelerator?s Think Next 2017 program. Present, the company is improving the product technology and looking for customers & strategic partnerships.

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Look Who’s Charging (‘LWC’) is the first company to solve a highly complex 45 year old problem – automating the process of matching transaction descriptions to the underlying merchant data with a near 100% success rate.

LWC’s solution focus on helping customers and banks eliminating the stress of unknown transactions like “Transaction not recognised”, Fraud and Customer Spend Analysis issues on customer’s credit card statement. Our solution will be able to help each bank and financial institution save over ~$20 million and > 600,000 hours each year in customers calling your customer service center to enquire and check on unknown credit card transaction in their statement.

We are currently working on delivering a pilot project with one of the four major bank in Australia is helping to eradicate the 14 million unknown transaction enquiries faced by the Australian banks each year. The online banking pilot will be going live in August 2017. We recently won the CeBit PitchFest 2017 on our solution. Link:

Video about the solution:



Optimai is a Financial Technology specialist with a proven track record in implementing innovative solutions to solve business problems.

Financial institutions are empowered to go-to-market and scale their business quickly on our multi-asset, multi-market, integrated Platform for Risk and Investment ManagemEnt (PRIME). Designed for “zero ops”, PRIME enables financial institutions to digitize, automate & streamline their operations from front to back including loan, credit & margin management, corporate actions, risk management and regulatory reporting.

Our customers include exchanges, banks, securities and asset management companies in Singapore and Hong Kong.


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Acorn Machine enables Fast Bespoke business lending by leveraging data, technology and people to unlock the potential of complex lending to SMEs


CIMB Bank offers our customers regional reach with localised expertise. In order to grow small businesses to multinationals, we unlock their potential with a comprehensive range of products and services for the end-to-end banking needs of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as Mid-Sized Corporations (Mid Corps).

Our capabilities also include Treasury, Transaction Banking, Investment Banking and Retail Banking products and service solutions for customers’ business and personal needs. Our presence in countries around the ASEAN region provides us with a network reach that is unprecedented when it comes to localised knowledge coupled with regional expertise.

Antuit is a big data analytics firm which offers service in Supply Chain and Sales & Marketing. It uses big data technology to provide customer and market insights, marketing spends optimizations, personalized campaigns, network design, inventory optimization, sales and operation planning and demand forecasting.


A Traditional Financial Institution Run On Decentralized Apps.

With The Support Of Global Fanatical Experts And Renowned Tech Veterans, OX Fina Aspires To Build A Comprehensive Financial Solution For All.

OX Fina Will Combine Features Of Modern Banking, IoT, Big Data And Blockchain-Based Technologies While Also Meeting Security.

The Third EYe Technology Implementation Into OX Fina, Will Serve As An Automation And Digitization Ecosystem, Allowing Us To Not Only Integrate Single Companies, But Entire Industries Enabling Access To Financial And Industrial Services In The Same App, At A Click’s Hand.

OX Fina Financial Services Will Be Fully Interconnected With International Systems To Respond To The Transaction Needs Of Our Customers Worldwide. If You Have Ever Contemplated The Inner Workings Of A F.I. Or You Are A Fan Of New Revolutionary Technologies, Take A Look At Our Prospectus Below!


FORCS is the leading Enterprise e-Form and Reporting solutions provider worldwide.

Established in 1995, we have helped over 3,500 customers across industries in achieving increased business revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Our wide range of solutions include digital Form, electronic documentation, and enterprise Reporting.

Over 22 years, FORCS has been spearheading innovative business enterprise mobility solutions. Constantly innovating and developing new technologies, advocating enterprise mobility and green business environment. In 2015, we were listed on KOSDAQ and established global offices in Japan and Singapore, today covering over 10 countries and having over 40 business partners globally.

Upholding our mission, “For Client’s Success”, we aim to help you to achieve your business goals as your success is our success.

Experience the best of Enterprise e-Form and Reporting with us!

DANATEQ uses data analytics and machine learning to deliver personalised banking sevices.


OOjiBO offers a full-stack banking retail solution that allows the unbanked population to make digital payments even offline. The full suite of services includes P2P transfers, retail payments, interest bearing accounts, e-commerce payments, cross-border remittance, debit/credit card virtualization, utility payments, and mobile phone top-ups.

Bank genie is a mobile native solution that empowers banks and financial institutes to roll out virtual retail branches as an option to brick-and-mortar branches, with the same functionalities.

BAASIS’s provides state-of-the-art banking infrastructure for FinTechs to integrate their products and services faster and cheaper. The main product verticals are bank as a service, bank as a platform, and DAO PASS- a KYC & authentication service.

Tagit is an enterprise application platform that provides mobile banking and commerce solutions to financial institutions, enterprises, and network switch operators.

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1-Net is a carrier-neutral data center service provider, we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services including network connectivity, managed services, work area recovery suite, cloud and media delivery services. 1-Net North Data Center is the First Tier III Constructed Facility certified by Uptime Institute in Southeast Asia. It is a purposed-built facility to support mission critical data applications, tailored to meet high security requirement of the financial institutions and payment service providers. The data center has adopted MAS’s Technology Risk Management guidelines on TVRA and attained Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliance. 1-Net has also adopted the OSPAR as established by The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) to elevate the trust to its financial customers as a data center service provider.

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