Incorporated in Singapore, InsureVite is a cross-insurer process aggregation and automation platform that shapes the future of the insurance industry. Using blockchain technology, InsureVite aims to transform the current insurance industry by injecting speed, convenience and efficiency. InsureVite also aims to help insurers save operating costs and reducing waste through complementing their IT system and automating administrative processes. Agents, brokers and intermediaries also benefits from the huge reduction in administrative workload, thereby freeing more time for more sales and maintaining a healthy customer relationship, keeping them loyal.

MyFinB specializes in financial analytics using proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, allowing businesses to create their own credit analytics bureau within their organizations.


Bringing the best trading experience to you by offering quant platform & AI robot advisor.

Kristal, powered by O2O Technologies, is an AI-powered, web-based asset management platform. Traders can create investment strategies and share it on the platform. Investors can search for asset managers and view their strategies. The company uses algorithms to recommend investment strategies. The platform offers a consolidated view of all the portfolio investments, historical performance of various accounts, and future portfolio projection based on CAGR, Sharpe ratio, etc.


HitKey offers AI driven delivery of mobile internet services within any platform or mobile app.

DANATEQ uses data analytics and machine learning to deliver personalised banking sevices. has built AI powered omni-channel commerce platform that enables buy, sell and collect payments on social media platforms. Sellers generate actionable #hashtags and/or super-powered short links using jumper?s tech which converts their post into a direct point-of-sale. Buyers can show intent by commenting on the post with the #producthashtag and confirm via their AI channel (FBMessenger/SMS currently). For posts with super-powered short links, users click the link and purchase using their web-bot in < 1 minute; and if they've previously purchased using, their preferred AI channel will kick in (messenger/SMS).

AND Global Pte. is a Singapore based fintech company that is well-positioned to expand across Asia with its AI powered digital products offering accessible finance to millions of under-served people.

The company’s proprietary platform provides instant credit scoring and unlocks access to unsecured personal loans and payment options instantly to customers on their mobile devices.

AND Systems, a subsidiary of AND Global, successfully launched LendMN, a mobile based personal loan product for Mongolia in 2016. Its ongoing success proves the effectiveness of digital lending that provides inclusive access to low-cost, no collateral loans.

Led by international investors, AND Global plans to fuel its growth by opening the floodgates to its services in a number of under-banked markets in South East Asia.

The founding team at AND Global is spearheaded by internationally experienced entrepreneurs, financiers from Mongolia and former AI project leaders with experience in the US and Japan. AND Global’s R&D is engineered by pioneers in information technology, telecoms and mathematics.

Supertext designs and builds artificially intelligent chatbots for various industry enterprises such as finance, medical and e-commerce. It provides a service (powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence) that users interact with via a chat interface. Supertext can integrate with platforms like Messenger, Slack, Line and more. The Supertext AI platform enables businesses to create powerful applications and entire business processes through chat. Sales, support and marketing are its impact areas. Clients include Flipkart.

AlgoHybrid is an advanced hedge fund solution that develops neural technologies to recognize patterns in trading conditions and self-learns from past experiences.


Apvera, a leader in automated threat intelligence solutions, is transforming the way organizations detect, prevent and predict real-time Behavioral threat anomalies. Through user and entity behavior analytics, Apvera Insight 360 profiles malicious and abusive activities that otherwise go unnoticed, and effectively consolidates and prioritizes threats identified applying actionable intelligence so organizations can quickly prevent or mitigate loss. Powered by machine learning, and advanced semantic computing, Apvera prioritizes threats, both external and internal, that pose the greatest business risk, enabling organizations to make rapid decisions on where to focus time and resources.


Einsights is an analytics company which helps enterprises make decisions based on the insights it gets from data by the means of artificial intelligence and natural machine learning.


Since 2006, Finamatrix is Risk-Cybernetics™

Finamatrix AI + AI Aggregator (Cybernetics & Intelligent Crowdsourcing) : Empowering millions of people for financial greatness (via network rewards + bonuses).

Finamatrix AI is Decentralized AI. Empowering millions of people around the world with AI access and Super Asset Portfolios.

Integrating Blockchain with AI for seamless execution.

AI selection of mispriced assets for arbitrage opportunities, etc.

Buy Finamatrix. 
Access AI & Super Assets. 
Gain value+bonus*. 
Sell in exchanges or redeem* for cash. 
*conditions apply.

WatStock is an App based trading platform that uses AI technology to analyses, forecasts, and offers its findings about the stock market to the general public. It employs artificial intelligence and extreme learning machines to predict the stock market behavior for up to 10 days. Watstock has partnered with IBM Watson and uses their neural network to predict the market.

Element AI develops customized applications like recommendation systems, natural language understanding, and predictive maintenance solutions for various businesses such as cybersecurity, fintech, manufacturing, logistics and transportation, and robotics. It launches and incubates AI solutions in partnership with large corporations.

ZUMATA is an AI-based travel technology company. It provides conversational interfaces for a wide range of industries, including travel, banking, insurance, and financial institution by using its cognitive capabilities to enable automated advisory and customer service to companies. The company also provides payment solutions to travel companies.

Jewel Paymentech develops intelligent risk technologies for the banking and electronic payments industry by using AI, machine learning technology, and predictive analytics. It offers solutions to help banks and payment facilitators conduct merchant due diligence and manage fraud risks using predictive analytics. It also provides automated solutions to marketplaces to identify merchants who sell illegal and counterfeit goods. Jewel Paymentech was a recipient of the ACE startup grant awarded by SPRING Singapore. In 2015, Jewel was named by SWIFT as one of the most promising FinTech companies in Asia. The company was selected for Wells Fargo?s accelerator program in 2016. is an intelligence, advisory and incubator platform that enables governments, corporations, and startups to build data driven platforms by analyzing massive amount of data and provide data driven services and products to the users. With the help of these AI driven solutions, companies are able to reach new markets and optimize their operations. The various services offered by are statistical analysing, deep learning, code engineering, machine learning, user predictions, and cloud based architecture. The company offer AI solutions for various markets including insurance, finance services, transportation, retail, healthcare and smartcities. is an AI-based driven scheduling solution for businesses. It offers customization of email, chatbot interfaces and also a SaaS-based platform to ease scheduling meetings & appointments at work. In 2016, the company was selected for InsurTech Income Future Starter’s accelerator program.

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